GrowTech App

GrowTech App GrowTech export division, an extension of GrowTech Egypt Group, was established as a supplier of high quality conventional and organic peanuts to the European market. GrowTech peanut produce is primarily sourced from GrowTech farms where the company can have a continuous eye on quality thanks to our in-house agronomists who have more than…

Junior Academy App

Junior Academy App We believe that early childhood years are the building blocks of one’s life. Having a safe, loving and fun learning environment for our students is our mission. We provide our children with huge outdoors and indoors playing areas to promote their motor skills and also Montessori sessions to develop their fine motor-skills…

Revive App

Revive Fitness App Revive is one of the fastest growing gym networks in maadi at courtyard. We offer a positive and non-threatening health club environment where staff proactively support and guide our gym members on their health and fitness journey, helping them to achieve their goals.

Ceramica Varsina

Ceramica Varsina Ceramic industry flourished in Egypt in recent times and was founded several companies and the diversity of production was necessary to search for excellence and make a leap to leave a clear imprint , it is the womb of excellence and was born ceramic varsina was a revolution in the world of ceramics